What I miss….

It's 11:35 pm on a Tuesday night. I am trying to wind down and go to sleep but as usual, tired but not quite sleepy yet. So I lay here and think about things. The endless list of "things" to fill my day and keep me busy. It can be exhausting at times. I think … Continue reading What I miss….


State of Emotion – Fear:  Jealously and Mistrust reaction

August 21, 2018 State of Emotion – Fear:  Jealously and Mistrust reaction I was looking through previous posts and realized how far I have come from that very first entry over 3 years ago.  The idea for this blog was going to be about cake decorating, sugar art, and related topics.  The first writings were … Continue reading State of Emotion – Fear:  Jealously and Mistrust reaction

A moment away…

July 5, 2018 It’s a hot Thursday evening, middle of the summertime. I was lying there this afternoon thinking about the conversation I had with my online relationship.  We have a lot of miscommunication between us.  Partly due to our cultural differences and partly because of the age gap but we continue striving toward a … Continue reading A moment away…