Parenting…we are not all the same.

7/19/18 It is the middle of July.  The kids will be heading back to school in about a month.  One will be a senior in high school and the others will be in college. As I look back, I knew this day would get here but wasn’t really prepared emotionally or mentally for the upcoming … Continue reading Parenting…we are not all the same.


Filling the void.

July 12, 2018 The summer sun is slowing setting and the green trees are casting their shadows. The house is very quiet.  The only sound is the hum of a fan blowing in the kitchen. The kids are off doing their own thing and my online relationship person is nowhere to be seen at the … Continue reading Filling the void.

A moment away…

July 5, 2018 It’s a hot Thursday evening, middle of the summertime. I was lying there this afternoon thinking about the conversation I had with my online relationship.  We have a lot of miscommunication between us.  Partly due to our cultural differences and partly because of the age gap but we continue striving toward a … Continue reading A moment away…