Double Standard – Am I that different?

It is January 28, 2018, and in a few days, we will be heading into February.  The first month of the new year almost over, 11 more to go. It was supposed to be my usual quiet Sunday morning but it took a turn early and my stress level was elevated. I have been talking … Continue reading Double Standard – Am I that different?


What Happened to my Life.

January 20, 2018 It’s this beautiful, sunny, winter day.  Blue skies and a slight breeze. Temperatures in the 60’s which is uncommon for this time of year after the round of frigid temps the week before.   It’s a good day to be happy and grateful for a new day. Then why am I sitting here … Continue reading What Happened to my Life.

Night Drive

Night Drive by Suzanne Allen Lights reflecting on the glass. The skyline blurring past. The low hum beneath the wheels. Concrete and steel, never yields. Roads, curving, banking left and right. Traffic moving through the night. Sounds of music gently heard. Slightly muffled are the words. Talking about this and that. Occasional singing or a … Continue reading Night Drive