Dreams – When is it time to let go?

I have been in a down mood going on for almost a week now.  At first, I just assumed it was because of the holidays.  I have a tendency to get moody at this time of year. Missing my grandparents. The depression makes everything seem stressful even happiness. So I’ve taken the steps that I … Continue reading Dreams – When is it time to let go?


Depression – A family trait?

I’ve written previously on the topic of depression and the fact that I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder over a year ago. I have also written about the fact that my children and family did not know about the depression because I hid it very well and managed. Everything has been moving along after … Continue reading Depression – A family trait?

The eyes saw…

The eyes saw… by Suzanne Allen The blinding light of first day’s light slowly crept through the window. The brain’s synapses firing off information, sending messages it was time to wake from the deep slumber. The memories, dreams, and thoughts began dwindling as the warmth of the day could be felt under the covers. The … Continue reading The eyes saw…