Tears in the Dark by Suzanne Allen

That bewitching hour arrives once more. Darkness surrounds. Closed windows and doors. Lying awake, staring into the black. Thoughts tumbling over and over. Stress and anxiety start to react. Peace splintered once more. Nothing new to the mind. Been here before. Words carelessly are thrown about. What is it this time? Self-sabotage or self-doubt? Doesn't … Continue reading Tears in the Dark by Suzanne Allen


25 Years…a tribute to some fabulous human beings.

This was my entry for the Silver Cakes competition at the 25th Anniversary of the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show. I got 2nd place and these are the people responsible for making the opportunity possible. This was only the second ribbon I received in these short 5 years of entering this competition. I was so … Continue reading 25 Years…a tribute to some fabulous human beings.

A moment away…

July 5, 2018 It’s a hot Thursday evening, middle of the summertime. I was lying there this afternoon thinking about the conversation I had with my online relationship.  We have a lot of miscommunication between us.  Partly due to our cultural differences and partly because of the age gap but we continue striving toward a … Continue reading A moment away…