End of 2017 – How far I have traveled.

December 3, 2017 Since this is the last month of the year and it has been approximately 3 months since the last time I spoke of statistics related to my blogging and social media accounts, this is just a short update. I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of progress made. In September this was the … Continue reading End of 2017 – How far I have traveled.


December – Last month of the Year

It was a kind of hectic morning as usual but nothing out of the ordinary. Today, I felt more focused on the tasks at hand more than I normally do. After a few phone calls and going through bills, I stopped to look at some social media sites that I frequent.  I kept seeing these posts … Continue reading December – Last month of the Year

The eyes saw…

The eyes saw… by Suzanne Allen The blinding light of first day’s light slowly crept through the window. The brain’s synapses firing off information, sending messages it was time to wake from the deep slumber. The memories, dreams, and thoughts began dwindling as the warmth of the day could be felt under the covers. The … Continue reading The eyes saw…