Things we learn…retrospect of growing up.

It’s Tuesday, February 20, 2018.  A typical morning for us, getting up, showers, dressed, and ready to go.  Ready to start the day and keep moving forward. After getting kids up and moving, I head back to my room to start getting ready.  I normally, out of habit now, pick up my phone to check … Continue reading Things we learn…retrospect of growing up.


I am, who I am.

Lying here, thinking about today. My attempt to socialize more. Normally thats not hard for me. Yet, when I try to be friendly with other women, they tend to blow me off. That's what happened today, again. I tried to see just the positives, to not let it get to me, but it did. I … Continue reading I am, who I am.

Hello friend.

I sit here contemplating the post I made a few days ago...trying to decide whether to continue chatting online. There were a few whose true intentions finally showed and they were unfollowed then blocked. A few tried messaging but after I looked at their profiles, recognizing the similarity to previous people who were unscrupulous, so … Continue reading Hello friend.

Night Drive

Night Drive by Suzanne Allen Lights reflecting on the glass. The skyline blurring past. The low hum beneath the wheels. Concrete and steel, never yields. Roads, curving, banking left and right. Traffic moving through the night. Sounds of music gently heard. Slightly muffled are the words. Talking about this and that. Occasional singing or a … Continue reading Night Drive